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Our Story


Jamaicans are known for consuming healthy, all-natural products free of artificial ingredients; a philosophy passed down from generation to generation. It is why we can boast having some of the oldest living persons and fastest athletes in the world. In sharp contrast, our pets have lived on products formulated with harmful ingredients that reduce their quality of life. Our managing director and leading founder (an experienced veterinarian and pet owner herself) knew she had to and could do much better. In 2015 we set out to build a pet focused business centered on this Jamaican philosophy, because we believe the simple truth that pets are indeed a part of the family. This was the genesis of Sashpet™, a company dedicated to treating your pets to the best!


  • We will always use natural ingredients in our products

  • We will always use only high quality ingredients in all our products, most of which will be sourced from our local farmers and suppliers

  • We will always put your pet's health first

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